Scam Alert: A Decade of Southwest, Claim Your Two Free Flight Tickets

Facebook users advised to be on the lookout for such schemes

Security experts advise Facebook customers to be on the lookout for posts that read “Southwest Airlines is giving two tickets to any destination within the United States! To grab yours, just visit [link].”

The malicious posts lure unsuspecting users to a Facebook page entitled “A Decade of Southwest! Claim Your Two Free Flight Tickets.”

Victims are tricked into clicking on a link that points to various scam sites, depending on their location.

GFI Labs warns that the cybercriminals are trying to trick users into completing all sorts of surveys and provide their contact details.

At this point, there’s no mention of any airline tickets. Instead, victims are promised Apple devices in return for a few clicks and their email address.

“Users are advised to ignore this Facebook event invite if you receive them and notify the creator of the invite that their post must be deleted,” experts advise.

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