Scam Advisory: Miracle Cures and Rogue Online Pharmacies – Video

Scambook's weekly video teaches you how to avoid such schemes

Scammers can make a lot of money from selling miracle cures and illegal pharmaceutical products. That’s why it’s important for users to know how these scams can be identified and avoided.

We see numerous examples each day. Twitter accounts are hijacked and abused to advertise miracle Acai berry diets, and hundreds of thousands of spam emails are sent out in an effort to lure unsuspecting users to bogus pharmacy websites.

In this week’s video, Scambook’s Kevan explains how you can protect not only your money and your personal information from identity theft, but also your health.

As Kevan explains, bogus miracle cures are usually advertised via spam, website banners or late-night infomercials. In addition, they’re sold by a celebrity doctor or a guru, and they allegedly have the power to heal everything.

Fake pharmacies, on the other hand, are just as bad. People who purchase medication from such sites either never get the product they have paid for, or they receive a different drug from the one they have ordered.

Furthermore, in some cases, the spam emails that advertise rogue pharmacies can carry malware that’s designed to steal sensitive information.

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