Say No to Muffin Tops This Christmas – Diet Tips from Kendra Wilkinson

Keep your weight in check for the holiday season with 3 easy tricks

With all the parties that we’re about to go to as the festive season kicks off, it’s very easy to lose sight of the number of daily calories we consume or of the importance of working out to burn them off. Kendra Wilkinson is here to help.

As we’re getting ready for Christmas, the former Playboy Bunny and glamour girl, now wife and mummy working hard to stay in the best shape possible, has revealed 3 of her easiest tricks not to gain weight this holiday season.

None of them is new, but Kendra swears by them. They will help us maintain our current figure and thus banish that post-New Year’s Eve when we realize a diet is in order, and keep us healthy and happy.

“Start every day with breakfast and a short workout. Eating breakfast will rev up your metabolism for the day and a short run or a 20 minute yoga session in the morning boosts your energy and keeps your appetite in check for the rest of the day,” Kendra writes on her official blog.

Another important tip is never to starve yourself ahead of a dinner party, thinking you should steer clear of food until you get there.

This is perhaps the most common mistake, and also a pretty major one because going to a party hungry is almost certain to get us to overeat.

“Eat a small meal before attending cocktail parties, dinner parties, or any events where food will be served. Holiday appetizers are usually fried, stuffed with cheese, or full of sugar. Taste what you want but never make a meal of party appetizers,” Kendra says.

And one final word: remember to stay hydrated at all times.

“Particularly if you’re drinking cocktails, pace yourself and drink a glass of water between alcoholic beverages. If you’re drinking cocktails, have a few sips of your favorite seasonal drink, like eggnog, or apple cider, then switch to something lower calorie like vodka soda with a lime wedge,” the model advises.

So there you have it, three easy tricks to keep your weight in check this festive season. Happy Holidays, everyone!

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