Say Hello and Goodbye to the Mile-Wide Asteroid 2007 PA8 As It Buzzes Earth

The asteroid came closest to Earth for the next 200 years

You can wave goodbye to asteroid 2007 PA8 as it's the last time you'll be seeing it for a while. Well, you won't be seeing it at all actually, first of all, because it's not coming close to Earth for another 200 years and second, because you couldn't actually see it now.

Even though it came relatively close to our planet and it's a rather big asteroid 1.6 km or 1 mile, it's still too small and dark to be seen without specialized equipment.

Like the one NASA has, for example. Its Deep Space Network antenna has taken several shots of the asteroids as it approached Earth.

It was at its closest yesterday when it came within 6.5 million km, 4 million miles of Earth, 17 times the distance between the Earth and the Moon.

The asteroid is now on its way and won't be coming anywhere close to our planet for two centuries.

NASA snapped a few radar shots of the asteroid approaching and saw it tumbling slowly forward. The radar images are of the asteroid's north pole, it rotates once every three, four days.

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