Saturn and Venus Align Early Tuesday, a Sight to Be Seen

The beautiful rings of Saturn will be visible from Earth through telescopes

The God of Time and the Goddess of Beauty will pass one in front of the other early this Tuesday (Nov. 27), for a short, but intense reunion.

If the weather allows it, the phenomenon will be visible from Earth after 4:30 a. m. local time, low above the horizon, on its east-southeast side, Space reports.

With Saturn's visibility intensifying for the next weeks and Venus fading into darkness, their meeting will offer us a spectacular view. Venus will be glowing in a silvery-white light while passing around 0.6 degrees below Saturn, the latter of a more obscure appearance.

An hour later, Saturn's height will make its astonishing rings visible for the telescope. After that, the planets will separate and go on moving, each one on its way.

The difference registered in their brightness degree comes from each one's positioning toward the sun.

The distance between Saturn and the sun is 13.59 times bigger than the one between the sun and Venus, which causes a weaker intensity of the light reflected by the more distant planet.

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