Satellite Image of the Entire UK Blanketed by Snow

There's rarely any snow in the UK, let alone covering most of the country

Britain is not used to snow, of any kind and even the lightest fall seems to send the country into a frenzy. But it seems that snow is becoming, if not a regular phenomenon, a not so rare one.

At this moment, almost the entire country is covered in snow making for a spectacular and very rare photograph of the UK from space.

NASA's Earth Observatory released the image a few days ago showing most of Britain, apart from some coastal areas and the south-west, blanketed by snow.

NASA's satellite was also lucky to pass over just as the storm clouds that brought all of the snow had cleared, though some still obscure a few areas.

The image was captured in visible light with the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer instrument aboard NASA's Terra satellite. Here's the full image (2.6 MB).

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