Satechi 10,000 mAh Portable Energy Station Recharges Your Devices

It works with any smartphone or tablet and has a USB cable with six heads

Satechi has revealed a product not unlike the two portable batteries that Sony introduced last month.

Called Satechi 10000 mAH Portable Energy Station, it is exactly what its name says: a portable power supply. It sells for $59.99 / €46.

It can recharge any smartphone or tablet that has a USB port, or one of the inputs for which the product has a head (there are six in total).

The 10,000 mAh capacity is superior to that of many laptop batteries and, thus, should last for several repeated recharges before the station itself needs to be connected to a power socket.

Using it is easy: after connecting the device in need of energy replenishing, one only needs to press the “on” button.

A fully discharged tablet should reach a full charge in about 8 hours, while phones can make do with two.

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