Sasha Obama’s Yawn Goes Viral – Video

First Daughter makes headlines again for yawning during dad’s speech

Sasha Obama could not help herself and suppress a yawn during Barack Obama’s Inauguration speech at the ceremony that took place a few hours ago. It’s now gone viral.

Check out the video above to see the President’s daughter getting really sleepy during the speech.

Below is a gif – just one of the many now making the rounds online, entertaining people from all over the world.

Those keeping tabs on the Obamas these days must know that this is not the first time Sasha makes headlines.

For instance, on Sunday’s swearing in ceremony, which took place in the Blue Room at the White House, she congratulated her father with a hug and the words, “Good job, dad. You didn’t mess up,” which was all captured on camera.

Kids, they do and say the funniest things.

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