Sarah Silverman’s Sister Arrested in Jerusalem for Wearing Tallitot – Video

10 women were detained at the Wailing Wall for wearing prayer shawls

Sarah Silverman’s sister and niece, together with 8 other women, part of a group known as the Women of the Wall, were arrested in Jerusalem at the Wailing Wall for wearing what is known as a traditionally male prayer garment.

The video below, courtesy of the Jerusalem Post, notes that the arrests took place during a monthly meeting of the group at the wall.

Initially, because veterans who had fought at the Wall in 1976 were also there to support the Women of the Wall, police allowed the women to pray without even trying to intervene.

That changed shortly afterwards. Among the 10 women arrested were also Susan Silverman, who is a rabbi, and her daughter.

Comedienne Sarah Silverman has also spoken out on the incident, sending kudos to her sister and niece for standing their ground for their civil rights.

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