Sarah Jessica Parker’s Role Cut from “Lovelace”

Gloria Steinem will no longer appear in Linda Lovelace biopic, producers confirm

Sarah Jessica Parker was among the last additions to the cast of “Lovelace,” the Linda Lovelace biopic starring Amanda Seyfried as lead. Her role, that of feminist icon Gloria Steinem, has been cut out of the film altogether, it has emerged.

Producers confirm to Entertainment Weekly that Parker, who came in at the last moment to replace Demi Moore, who had unexpectedly dropped out of the project, will no longer be featured in the film.

It will premiere at the Sundance Film Festival, but the character of Gloria Steinem has proved unnecessary to the story, so it was left on the editing floor.

Hers wasn’t the only part to be deemed unnecessary after shooting wrapped, the producers say.

“Will we ever see her performance in deleted scenes on the DVD? The filmmakers, who will be seeking distribution at the festival, haven’t gotten that far yet,” EW writes.

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