Sapphire Launches Radeon HD 7770 Vapor-X Pre-overclocked Video Card

Excelent cooling can help AMD’s “Cape Verde” to pack a serious punch

Well-known graphics card expert Sapphire is launching today the Sapphire HD 7770 Vapor-X OC Edition video card, on its official website. This is a fast pre-overclocked video adapter that comes with an efficient cooling system.

The card is built around AMD’s “Cape Verde XT” graphics processing unit that comes with a minuscule 123 square millimeters die size, containing 1.5 billion transistors.

The reference GPU frequency is 1000 MHz when working in 3D mode, but SAPPHIRE HD 7770 Vapor-X OC Edition video card implementation comes pre-overclocked to a high 1100 MHz GPU speed.

When working in 2D mode, the frequency of the GPU will drop to a low 300 MHz.

The 1024 MB of GDDR5 memory is clocked at a high 5200 MHz when in 3D mode, but drops to 600 MHz when switched in 2D. This is considerably higher than the reference’s default memory frequency of 4500 MHz.

Video memory works on a tight 128 bit BUS so the performance expectations should be adjusted accordingly, despite the factory overclock, but keep in mind that Sapphires’ new HD 7770 Vapor-X OC Edition video card comes with a considerable memory overclock, of over 15%.

The “Cape Verde XT” GPU is part of AMD’s GCN architecture and comes with much improved GPU compute performance.

The GPU has 640 unified shader processors, 40 texturing units and 16 ROPs.

On the connectivity side, the Sapphire HD 7770 Vapor-X OC Edition video card comes with two DVI connectors; one is DVI-D and one is DVI-I, a HDMI 1.4a interface along with a Display Port 1.2 HBR2.

HDMI 1.4a also brings 120 MHz stereoscopic 3D support along with 4K display ability and 3 GHz HDMI.

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