Santa’s Plump Figure Sets a Bad Example for Children

As long as Santa is obese, who’s to tell kids to not eat too many cookies

Estimates concerning obesity rates in the US are alarming to say the least. More so given the fact that kids in this country are also getting increasingly thick around the waist as the years go by.

However, there are few who would ever dream about blaming Santa Claus for this unfortunate status quo. Still, “few” and “none” have very little in common.

Thus, a report released this past Friday by ABC News states that the American Santa Claus is now significantly plumper than it used to be, and that this might set a bad example for children.

As the report explains, this conclusion was reached after a costume store owner, Adele Saidy, admitted that, over the past few years, she had to considerably up the sizes of the Santa suits she was selling.

Huffington Post reports that her exact words were as follows: “They are getting larger and larger. Last year and this year, 25% of my Santas – oh, I don't want to say it – they are really overweight.”

Jenny Zink, who specializes in designing and manufacturing Santa Suits, backed up these statements and argued that, “The suits have always been big. But it's a question of how big.”

“Extra large isn't always big enough and now we're getting calls for extra extra large,” she went on to add.

Apparently, this is a nation-wide problem, meaning that several other costume stores had to start selling costumes size XXL, XXXL and ever larger or risk not making a profit during the holiday season.

Child psychologists explain that Santa Claus is far too popular amongst children of various ages for him to afford to set a bad example.

Thus, seeing how children are quite likely to pay more attention to what Santa is saying rather than to their mothers’ telling them to eat their veggies, Santa's popularity should be used to push children into embracing a greener and a healthier lifestyle.

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