Santa Dodges Sharp Teeth, Feeds Wild Animals

40 people watch Santa gift the animals at the Heritage Park Zoological Sanctuary

Since about 15 years ago, Santa Claus has made it his duty to gift the animals residing at the Heritage Park Zoological Sanctuary in Arizona, US with some of their favorite dishes.

The event is locally known as “Santa with the Animals,” and this year about 40 people gathered around to watch Cassie, a 350 pounds tiger living at this animal sanctuary, gulp down its present.

Daily Courier explains that, despite his carrying gifts for them and thus being quite lovable, Santa chose to avoid making contact with the Sanctuary's clawed animals. These had their presents delivered to them by park employees.

The only animals that got to come face to face with Santa were rabbits, porcupines, wallabies and deer.

“He [Santa] is real nice, and I like seeing the animals eating. They look funny,” fifth-grader Samantha Spengler said.

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