Sandy Relief: “Buy One Give One” Solar Charger Program Gets Launched

Voltaic Systems promotes renewables, helps Sandy's victims

Only yesterday, Voltaic Systems announced the general public that they were to launch a “Buy One Give One” solar charger program intended to help the American citizens living on the US East Coast gain access to electricity.

Seeing how hurricane Sandy took down most of the power lines that were in charge of meeting the electricity demands of this part of the US, it need not come as a big surprise that renewable energy sources and technologies that allow for their being harvested are now quickly gaining popularity.

The working principles behind Voltaic Systems' Sandy relief campaign are quite simple: for each 3.4 Watt Solar Kit purchased by a green energy enthusiast, the company will donate one other to one of hurricane Sandy's victims.

According to the company's official website, elderly people and those who suffer from various medical conditions and thus have issues getting about the house will be the first to benefit from these Solar Kits.

“For each kit purchased, we're distributing the same powerful kit consisting of a 3.4 Watt solar panel, battery and light. We are going to deliver these personally to make sure they end up in the hands of people who need them most. In addition, we're discounting this kit from $96 (€75.3) to $55 (€43.2),” Voltaic Systems explains.

Apparently, the company came up with the idea to launch this “Buy One Give One” program after several of its staff members became actively involved in helping those living in the Rockaways overcome the damages caused by hurricane Sandy to their households.

“There were quite a few relief efforts going on, mainly grass roots church and community groups. The national guard was there and a lot of police and utility workers, but they seemed to be focused more on cleanup and restoring power,” Voltaic Systems says.

Furthermore, “There was clearly a need for our solar lighting /cell phone charging kits.”

Those wishing to buy one such 3.4 Watt Solar Kit and help out Sandy's victims can do so here.

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