Sandy Hook Shooting Fosters New Mental Health Policies in the US

Teens and young adults should have better access to mental health services

Throughout the past few decades, psychology has taken significant steps towards being accepted as a proper science, courtesy of its approaching mental functions and behaviors in an objective manner.

However, most people have yet to come to terms with the fact that looking after one's mental health is not all that different from looking after one's physical wellbeing.

Interestingly enough, it seems that, in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook shooting, people in the United States have come to understand that the country is in dire need of a better mental health services system.

Furthermore, they have grown to accept the idea that such mental health services should not settle for targeting mature individuals alone, and that adolescents and young adults should also be given due consideration.

Courant reports that, only recently, US President Barack Obama agreed to set aside a total of $15 million (€11.26 million) that are to be spent on training sessions. Their goal would be that of making it easier for teachers, parents and other grownups to pin down the teens and the young adults that might be suffering with various mental illnesses.

As Senator Beth Bye puts it, “We need people in the schools to be more aware of kids who are dealing with social and emotional issues. Early intervention does make a difference.”

Backing up these statements, a spokesperson for the US Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services said that, “We endorse anything that is focused on early identification and screening.”

Furthermore, rumor has it that those in charge of issuing gun licenses might at some point have to consult databases put together by mental health officials which indicate whether or not an individual can be allowed to own a gun.

Thus, those whose mental health is known to be compromised in various ways will no longer be allowed to purchase a gun, and might have to give back the ones they already own.

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