Sandy Hook: Ryan Lanza’s “I Am a Victim” Post Is a Hoax

Fake Ryan gave an interview via Facebook, and posted on behalf of the family

Since I last reported about a woman from the Bronx scamming people into donations for the nephew she allegedly lost at Newtown, a man is being investigated for yet another Sandy Hook hoax.

The NY Post was basically conned by a Facebook user pretending to be Ryan Lanza, shooter Adam's brother. He gave the newspaper an interview, describing how he felt after the incident.

“I am a victim. [...] I loss [sic] my mom and brother,” fake Ryan Lanza said via Facebook chat.

He put up a fake account and uploaded pictures and messages to his lost brother and mother. Above are two of his posts, meant to honor the memory of the Connecticut shooter and his mother, Nancy.

Now the family has cleared up that the whole thing is a scam, and that the impostor just wanted to be in the public eye. And he succeeded, as a lot of major publications quoted him.

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