Sandy Hook Chorus, Jennifer Hudson Perform at Super Bowl 2013 – Video

Super Bowl XLVII kicks off with rousing rendition of “America the Beautiful”

Super Bowl XLVII ended with the Baltimore Ravens as champions and kicked off with a very rousing rendition of “America the Beautiful,” performed by the Sandy Hook Chorus and Jennifer Hudson.

Check it out in the video above.

The children of Sandy Hook, from Newtown, Connecticut, where tragedy struck last year when one gunman opened fire and killed 20 sixth-graders and 6 adults, were the first to sing.

They were joined on the chorus by Oscar-winning Hudson, who looked the very picture of classy elegance in a black and white outfit.

It was a very touching moment, as the cameras zooming in on the players from both teams showed. Above all, it was a gorgeous moment, made possible by Hudson’s amazing and flawless voice – and the children’s as well.


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