Sandy Brought Birds from the Caribbean and the Arctic to New York

The birds were carried by the storm over thousands of miles

New Yorkers who happen to be very fond of birds (especially those native to other parts of the world) will probably be quite glad to hear that, thanks to hurricane Sandy, the city's avian fauna is now a tad more diverse.

Tree Hugger reports that, in the aftermath of hurricane Sandy, birds from the Caribbean and birds from the Arctic somehow made their way into this American city.

Thus, some New Yorkers have spotted a Ross's Gull, which is typically found in North America and in Russia.

As well as this, it seems that a Red-billed Tropicbird showed up in New Jersey, in spite of the fact that the tropical waters such as those in the Atlantic, those in the Pacific and those in the Indian Ocean are its natural habitat.

The only explanation for these birds' showing up on the US East Coast is that the strong winds swept them up in the center of the storm, which later on carried them over thousands of miles.

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