Sandra Bullock Photo Without Wedding Ring Cost $60,000

Star allowed Getty to snap her to outsmart the paps, says report

Yesterday, Entertainment Tonight aired the first footage of Sandra Bullock after the cheating scandal broke in the media. In the video, not only was the Oscar winning actress seen out and about, she also flashed a ring-less finger, which further fueled speculation she wanted to divorce Jesse James. The photo and video came at a very high price, though, PageSix reports.

Since Jesse James’ alleged mistress Michelle McGee stepped forward to the media with all the details of the affair, Sandra has kept a very low profile, being spotted out just once – and even then her face could not be seen. Just like it happened with Tiger Woods before her, the longer she stayed out of the public eye, the higher the value of the first photo of her went. As such, Sandra decided to outsmart the paparazzi.

Here too she seems to have taken a page out of Woods’ book who, in a bid to prevent being hounded by photographers, sold the first photos to a large photo agency, giving it exclusivity. Sandra did the same, the only difference being that, in her case, Getty went out and offered the photos for sale, which kicked off a genuine bidding war among tabloids and glossy publication. Since public interest in anything Sandra is undoubtedly very high, the photo ended up by selling for $60,000 claims the report.

“Sandra Bullock has been seen for the first time since news broke of husband Jesse James’ infidelity – looking heartbroken and not wearing her wedding ring. She outsmarted paparazzi by allowing non-pap agency Getty – which also released the first post-scandal picture of Tiger Woods – to get the exclusive. The photo launched a bidding war among the celebrity weeklies and tabloid TV shows that climaxed last night when ‘Entertainment Tonight’ snagged the coveted image for an estimated $60,000,” PageSix reports.

With this bold move, Sandra Bullock made it so that the next picture paps take of her is no longer that important, not to mention having been able to flick all those agencies who have “hounds” around town, eager to snap her. If a paparazzi agency had taken the photo, it is believed to have sold for more than that, ongoing reports say.

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