Sandra Bullock Is a ‘Man-Hungry Tramp,’ Scarlett Johansson Believes

Just hours after word got out in the tabloids that Ryan Reynolds was dating good friend Sandra Bullock, Scarlett Johansson was fuming mad, telling friends Sandy was a “man-hungry tramp,” it has emerged.

The National Enquirer claims Johansson is more than heartbroken over news that her soon to be ex-husband may be with Sandra now: she’s disappointed in Bullock for what she considers the ultimate betrayal.

“You’re a man-hungry tramp!” Scarlett reportedly screamed when she heard Sandra was going out with Ryan when the ink on divorce papers was not even dry yet, the tab writes.

“The blonde beauty, 26, wanted her bitter words to get back to Sandra ‘because she still has intense feelings for Ryan and feels Sandra isn’t respecting that at all,’ revealed a friend,” says the Enquirer.

Aside from acting like not even the worst enemy would at such a difficult time, Scarlett also holds Sandra in contempt because she (Scarlett) still hoped some reconciliation with Ryan was possible.

She’s been having second thoughts about the split, insiders reveal for the tabloid, but, even if she decided to get back with Ryan, she feels she can’t do that now because Sandra captured his attention.

“Sandra may be known as ‘America’s Sweetheart,’ but she’s NO sweetheart to Scarlett. She feels Sandra is torpedoing any chances at a possible reconciliation – by jumping right in with him!” says the same insider.

It hurts her terribly that while she’s wrestling with these huge issues about ending her marriage, Sandra doesn’t appear to have any regard for her. She thought they were friends and that Sandra would keep a respectful distance, particularly after what she went through in her own messy breakup with Jesse James,” the spy explains.

Yesterday’s report that Ryan is becoming closer to Sandra’s baby boy, Louis, with each passing day is not doing anything in terms of helping Scarlett move on.

“Scarlett is hearing how much Ryan loves helping Sandra with her adopted baby Louis. Now she feels there’s little chance to win him back,” says the spy.

As a side note, since this report comes from the National Enquirer, it should be taken with a grain of salt.

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