Sandra Bullock Is Terrified Jesse James’ Book Will ‘Out’ Her

Jesse James is reportedly working on a tell-all book and he’s seriously considering including some spicy details about his marriage to Sandra Bullock, since he’s bound to get paid more if he does, a new report claims.

All this time, the Oscar-winning actress is afraid that he might put a twist on things that will deceive her fans about her orientation, the National Enquirer claims in its latest print edition (story via here).

In other words, throughout the marriage, Sandra was not really interested in James as a man and would often go out of her way to make sure there was no contact in between them at night, says the tab.

In the months leading up to the cheating scandal and the separation, at least, Sandra would often go to bed with a book or a script and 6 of her dogs, thus making sure there was no room left for Jesse.

Moreover, Sandra fears Jesse may twist these facts to make the readers believe that she’s actually gay, and thus responsible for his cheating on her, says the tab.

“Sandra Bullock is terrified her cheating ex-husband will get revenge on her by lying to the world that she’s not only bad in bed – but a lesbian!” the Enquirer writes.

“With Jesse writing a tell-all book, Bullock fears he’ll boost his publishing payday by stitching together a pack of lies about their five-year marriage, sources say,” adds the same publication.

And there’s more: as allegations continue to make the rounds about James’ love of all things Nazi, he may just as well drop a hint in his book that Sandra has always known this, choosing to turn a blind eye on it.

“Jesse owns a large collection of Nazi memorabilia, including a surfboard with a life-size Hitler doing the Nazi salute that he kept in his office at the garage. He also had swastikas, helmets and Nazi uniforms at the home he shared with Sandra,” says a spy.

“While Sandra wasn’t a fan of his Nazi stuff, did she turn a blind eye to it? If Jesse tells the world she was OK with his collection, that could come back to haunt her, especially since her late mother was German,” the tipster adds for the Enquirer.

Then again, it could very well be that this is pure speculation, especially since Jesse James hasn’t even confirmed that he has plans for a tell-all, let alone that he’ll be focusing mostly on his marriage to Sandra in it.

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