Sanctuary Gets Burned Down, Half of Animals It Sheltered Die

The owner almost lost her life while trying to navigate the flames

This past Tuesday, one animal sanctuary and horse farm in Pendleton, New York caught fire. In spite of efforts made by both firefighters and other people, as many as 60 animals lost their lives.

Sources report that Sandy Pfohl, the person who owns this animal shelter, came fairly close to losing her own life while trying to navigate the flames and rescue some of the creatures in her care.

Donna Boskat, who has been working as vice-president for this animal shelter for quite some time now, explains how, “She [Sandy Pfohl] was willing to risk her life for these animals…We were just hugging each other in tears.”

Because this animal refuge is an all-voluntary organization, the people in charge of running it are now left in the dark with respect to how they will manage to rebuild the shelter.

More so given the fact that their insurance policy does not cover such tragic accidents.

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