SanDisk Reduces USB Drive and Memory Card Prices

Looks like Kingston is not the only company in dire straits

We said that makers of memory products were doing poorly in terms of finances and, in tune with those reports, SanDisk is revealed to have decided to reduce the prices of its NAND products.

What Digitimes says about SanDisk is not so different from what Kingston was revealed to be doing a few days ago.

Basically, SanDisk has decided that it needs to cut the prices of its memory cards and USB flash drives (and probably SSDs too).

An exact percentage was not specified, but the report did say the main goal was to protect SanDisk's market share.

In other words, the tags will be reduced just enough to maintain an edge over Kingston and whoever else is selling NAND.

For those who don't know, SanDisk has about 40% of the global NAND Flash product market.

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