San Francisco's Mayor Suggests Alcohol Ban During Super Bowl

Ed Lee wants bar owners to serve alcohol responsibly

San Francisco's mayor Ed Lee is suggesting a ban be set on hard liquor during this year's Big Game.

Lee is thinking ahead, and taking into consideration past events that affected the city during the Super Bowl. Riots breaking out, as they did the last time when the giants won the World Series, is something he is trying to avoid.

San Francisco Gate quotes City Hall staff as they try to explain that there will be no legislative ban enforced during the game. The mayor is simply putting out a recommendation to bar and restaurant owners.

“He's just suggesting that all business owners serve responsibly, and most businesses do,” spokeswoman Christine Falvey states.

Lee has also stated that he intends to visit bars in neighborhoods in which vandalism rates are high, to speak to owners directly.

He plans to convince them to “serve something (other) than heavy alcohol during times of celebration, because that inebriation sometimes doesn't help with people who want to maybe go beyond the bounds of acceptability in their celebration.”

“I want the city to be both celebratory and safe for everyone,” he adds.

Mission District sandwich and sports bar owner Adam DeMezza gives his take on the mayor's initiative, which he dubs laudable.

“It's a good idea, but it's going to be a tough sell. [...] I can see where he's coming from. [...] I'm right on 16th and Valencia. We saw it go down between 16th and 18th [streets],” he says.

According to Rob Black, executive director of the Golden Gate Restaurant Association, provisions in the law already oblige staff to stop serving patrons after noticing signs of intoxication.

“Our members are very responsible, and we don't serve alcohol to people who are intoxicated. It's against the law to do that,” he claims.

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