San Francisco - Man Killed Over a PS3 Console

Hani Attia got stabbed trying to help two women in distress

Listen up 'cause this one says a lot about what happens if you try and do the good thing. An Article on 1P Start tells the story of a man called Hani Attia, who got killed trying to help two women in distress. The man was buying a PS3 console from the two women, while another came along trying to steal it from them. Unfortunately, he got stabbed trying to defend the two women.

The article reads: "The latest report of violence over the Playstation 3 comes from San Francisco. It seems Hani Attia was killed on Monday for doing the right thing. Attia was a witness of a man trying to steal a PS3 from two women who were attempting to sell it to him. Attia confronted the man, got into an altercation and was stabbed. He was announced dead at Saint Francis Memorial Hospital."

When I first saw this report's title, "People Still Killing Each Other Over PS3s," I said to myself: "What? Was the PS3 doing that good, yet I kept writing only bad stuff about it?" Sadly, this is not even close, although I'd have felt better writing an article on how wrong I was over the past 4 months, rather than this.

Don't be surprised though, killing over a gaming console might sound ridiculous and it probably is but, if today's news said: "Old lady killed for $600," would you be surprised at all...? That's what the console retails for, just in case you didn't know.

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