San Francisco Gives the Green Light to Micro-Apartments

The apartments measure just 220 square feet, are amazingly comfortable

Recent news from San Francisco informs us that the city's high officials recently decided to carry out a trial run for so-called micro-apartments.

These living spaces have an overall surface of just 220 square feet (roughly 20.4 meters), yet the people who designed them argue that they are perfectly suited to meet the demands of individuals who for one reason or another are forced to live alone in the city.

Wired explains that San Francisco is already home to a complex made of 23 such apartments, and that the people residing in them are mainly young people working in the tech industry who do not wish to live outside the city and commute.

The micro-apartments which are to be built now are a tad smaller than the ones which form the SmartSpace complex.

City officials will start by building 375 such units, but intend to build many more if locals really take a liking to them.

Each micro-apartment can accommodate a pop-up table, a fold-up bed and an integrated dining table.

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