San Diego Zoo Installs Solar-Powered Charging Stations for EVs

Their goal is to educate people about embracing cleaner energy sources

The San Diego Zoo's parking lot now offers people the possibility to recharge their EV while there are busy coming face to face with the animals found at this facility.

This is because the zoo now has five solar-powered charging stations to show off.

According to Green Auto Blog, the zoo's management simply wished that people in this part of the US become more aware with respect to the country's need to embrace clean energy sources, all for the sake of the sustainability and the environment.

“One of the first of its kind in the country, the Solar-to-EV Project harnesses energy from the sun to directly charge plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs), store solar power for future use and provide renewable energy to the electrical grid,” reads the official press release on this matter.

The energy produced by the 10 solar canopies installed in the San Diego Zoo's parking lot is enough to power 59 homes.

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