Samuel L. Jackson on Sandy Hook Shooting: Don’t Blame Movies, Games, Guns

Actor defends Quentin Tarantino’s “Django Unchained,” says solution is elsewhere

The Weinstein Company decided to cancel the premiere of the ultra-violent “Djago Unchained” from director Quentin Tarantino in light of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre but, says star Samuel L. Jackson, don’t rush to blame violent movies for such acts of violence.

Even though many voices are saying that people like Tarantino with his violent movies, and game makers are partly responsible for the acts of violence inflicted upon innocent bystanders, Jackson believes the solution to the dilemma is elsewhere.

Similarly, he doesn’t believe that gun control could actually prevent further tragedies like this from happening.

“I don't think movies or video games have anything to do with it... I don't think it's about more gun control, I grew up in the South with guns everywhere and we never shot anyone,” the actor says at a press junket cited by Wenn.

“This (shooting) is about people who aren't taught the value of life... We need to stop deranged people from getting access to guns,” Jackson continues.

Late last week, a 20-year-old armed man went inside Sandy Hook and opened fire at random: he shot and killed 20 children and 6 adults, before he took his own life.

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