Samsung's Windows Phone 7 Prototype Gets Handled

Will never make it to the market

Microsoft's new Windows Phone 7 operating system is only several months away, and more and more info on it and on the devices that should run under it has started to emerge. Following the official unveiling over at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, and a short appearance at MIX, a Windows Phone 7 prototype device from South Korean mobile phone maker Samsung has just got the hands-on treatment.

Since the handset has made it into the wild before, some details on it are already known, including the fact that it is some sort of a Samsung Omnia i8910 model, though with upgraded internal specs to fit the needs of Windows Phone 7. All in all, the handset was intended only for testing purposes, and it should not make an appearance on the market, the guys over at Engadget report.

As for the testing process, things are moving along pretty well it seems. A wide range of Microsoft employees are carrying Windows Phone 7 units as personal phones, and other people are expected to receive such devices come July, namely Windows Phone 7 application developers. However, the operating system is not yet completed, and is said to be a little buggy, but it is much speedier and more stable than before.

According to Engadget, the Windows Phone 7 prototype from Samsung, which can be admired in the photos attached to this article was pretty impressive, though it won't land on the market. However, the handsets Samsung plans on pushing on shelves with Windows Phone 7 on board should be much more impressive than this one, it seems.

For what it's worth, with all those limitations Microsoft has put in place when it comes to the handsets that would run under Windows Phone 7, one should expect for these devices to be as impressive as they can be. Samsung is only one of the companies to deliver Windows Phone 7 handsets, as HTC, LG or Sony Ericsson have been already reported to be working on such devices.


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