Samsung’s Updated S Voice App Gets Detailed

The application might be loaded on Galaxy S5 right from the start

Soon, Samsung is expected to make official a new flagship handset in the popular Galaxy S series, one that will bring along updates to some of the most popular applications coming from the South Korean vendor, such as S Voice.

The phone, supposedly called Galaxy S5, might become official later this month at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, and has leaked online a few times before as SM-G900.

Ahead of the official launch of this device, the guys over at SamMobile managed to have a closer look at the new version of S Voice that might arrive on it.

The application was spotted in the firmware for a yet-unconfirmed Samsung SM-G900H handset, which is expected to prove a Galaxy S5 variant, despite the fact that no official confirmation on the matter has been provided as of now.

Screenshots that show you what the upcoming application will look like are available now, unveiling a series of changes to the user interface, allegedly aimed at improving its performance.

However, as SamMobile notes, the next version of S Voice does not appear to be looking more attractive than the current flavor of the app, though it does show a flatter design.

The upcoming application is also said to be much faster when compared to the current variant when it comes to voice detection, though it still has a series of drawbacks related to accents when compared to other similar solutions out there, such as Google Now.

As mentioned above, it’s yet uncertain whether this is indeed the S Voice app that will be released on Galaxy S5, though specifics on the matter should become available in the not-too-distant future.

Samsung has already sent out invitations to an Unpacked event set for MWC, and S5 is expected to be announced there. If it does, the new S Voice will also be detailed, so stay tuned to learn more on it.


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