Samsung's TouchWiz and bada to Deliver Distinctive UX

Will be showcased at MWC this month

South Korean mobile phone maker Samsung has just unveiled a few more details on what its own smartphone operating system, called bada, is all about. According to the company, the mobile platform can deliver a distinctive user experience through the addition of the latest flavor of TouchWiz on top of it. TouchWiz has been created for Samsung's touchscreen devices, and it brings “chic touch interaction and components” to bada for more simplicity and ease of use.

“In bada, there are 30+ stylish common controls. A Flash control is also provided, so that developers can implement Flash-based UI and can use abundant existing Flash-based content in their applications. The integrated web browser control makes it a snap to embed web content into application. And application controls, such as the dialer, media browser, and contact editor, make it even easier to handle the device and data,” the company notes on its bada website.

At the same time, the company says that developers are also enabled to add their own touches to the experience that their applications will deliver to users, and that it will bring the first bada-based handset at MWC in Barcelona. “The distinctive UX features of bada let the developers to deliver the user convenience which could be experienced in applications showcased with the new bada smartphone at MWC this month,” the company stated.

Those developers who are interested in building applications for the bada OS can find a great deal of info on that on the recently launched bada Developers website. One of the latest posts on that site draws a comparison line between Samsung's OS and Android, iPhone when OpenGL ES support is included in the equation. According to Samsung, bada comes around with full support for EGL, OpenGL ES 1.1 and OpenGL ES 2.0, which means that developers can use their own approach when it comes to building an application, while also suggesting that one can easily port an app built for another OS to bada. More details are available here.

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