Samsung’s New Android UI Looks Just like Windows 8’s Metro

The new Magazine UX interface seems to be inspired by the Modern UI

This year’s CES 2014 held in Las Vegas brought us a plethora of new devices, including four new tablets developed by Samsung featuring a completely new Android interface.

While we won’t talk about the specs of the Galaxy NotePro and the Galaxy TabPro since we already did that in our CES 2014 coverage, we Microsoft fanatics couldn’t help but notice the similarities between the so-called Magazine UX, which is a new tablet interface offered to Samsung users, and Microsoft’s well-known Metro.

As you can see in the pictures we’ve included in this article, the Magazine UX comes with visual elements that remind of the live tiles, as well as with widgets that really seem to be inspired by the Metro interface also offered to Windows 8 and 8.1 users.

But according to the editors over at TrustedReviews, Samsung doesn’t really care if the Magazine UX looks to be inspired by Metro or not, as it all comes down to users.

“I don’t think it matters [that it looks like Windows],” Shoneel Kolhatkar, Samsung’s Senior Director of Product Planning told TrustedReviews. “As long as consumers like it, they can compare it to Windows or compare it to something else.”

The Metro UI was and still is one of the most controversial features offered to Windows 8 adopters, but Microsoft has always stated that it’s as great way to interact with a touch-capable device. The live tiles provide information in real time, Microsoft explained, while gesture support and customization features make it easier and faster to access your apps.

That’s pretty much what Samsung is also saying about its new Magazine UX, pointing out that customers are the ones who must decide whether the new interface is good or bad.

“Ultimately we feel that we are providing something for the consumer that they want. You switch your device on and you need instant access, you want zero-click access to information. That’s what the Magazine UX gives you, at once glance it will give you the weather, your meetings, all of it.”

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