Samsung’s First Android Wear Smartwatch to Be Unveiled at Google I/O

Samsung will probably join other manufactures and unveil a new wearable

Exactly one week ago, Samsung’s purported Android Wear was spotted making an appearance at the FCC, a fact which indicates that the device is not far from becoming a reality.

Now, insider sources talking to CNET have revealed that Samsung’s first Android Wear smartwatch will be upon us sooner than expected.

After just a few short months since the Korean tech giant rolled out its Tizen-powered Gear trio at MWC 2014, Sammy is ready to introduce its Android Wear smartwatch at the Google I/O conference happening next week.

The wearable will be a smartwatch, pretty much following the same lines of the Gear devices, so it won’t be a round one.

Late last month, it was revealed that Samsung had filed a patent that detailed a seemingly Moto 360-looking device. Another interesting aspect consisted of the way that future owners would be interacting with the wearable.

Apparently, the smartwatch pushes touchscreen interactions in the background in favor of those making use of finger gestures. So, getting something done on the smartwatch would imply hovering over it or in front.

But it appears that the round smartwatch format is not what Samsung is looking to push at the Google I/O. The sources went on to claim that Samsung had been developing an Android Wear watch that used its own in-house chips, but there was also a Qualcomm version being prepped.

For the time being, we can’t tell you which model will be unveiled next week. Maybe both of them will.

Next week’s event could be the launching platform for other Android Wear smartwatches, including the LG G Watch and Moto 360.

As for Samsung, the new Android Wear smartwatch shows us that the Korean tech giant will continue to make business with Google. At the same time, the device maker is continuously probing to see which OS would make more customers happy, so with this purpose in mind, it won’t limit itself to Tizen.

The original Galaxy Gear smartwatch used to run Android out of the box, but recently, Samsung has issued a firmware update, enabling owners of the device to update to the same Tizen OS that the current Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo take advantage of.

So, at this moment, it appears that the Android Wear smartwatch is going to be the first of Samsung’s future army of wearables to see the light of day.

The company is also working on a standalone watch that is capable of making phone calls without the help of a smartphone. It is unknown when this product will come.

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