Samsung's First 3G Suit Against Apple Rejected by German Court

Looks like the tables haven't quite turned in this patent war

The tensions between Apple and Samsung are as high as ever, but the latter was denied a victory during the recent hearing in Germany.

Samsung has filed seven patent infringement claims against Apple in Germany, but one of them has been rejected.

The case revolves around the 3G/UMTS wireless standards patents that Samsung holds.

Samsung claims that Apple's iPhone, and other products, use its technologies without a licensing agreement.

Much like Apple tried, and temporarily succeeded, to do to the Samsung Galaxy Tab, Samsung seeks a ban on all infringing products, as well as payment of legal damages.

For those who don't remember, Apple won a victory against the Tab in Australia, back in 2011, which had it banned for a few months before the appeal overturned the decision.

The dismissal of this first case against Apple could cause a domino effect.

In other words, the German court could reject all other six suits and make Samsung efforts meaningless.

Then again, the report on FOSS Patents did not include the reason for the decision.

At this point, there are two possibilities: either Apple did have a license, or Apple got away based on a technicality.

If the former is true, then it is likely that the remaining suits will meet a similar fate, much to Samsung's eventual chagrin.

If the latter is the case, though, Samsung will be allowed to press forward with the remaining legal actions.

Apple keeps claiming that the patented technology used in the allegedly infringing devices is covered by a collaboration with Qualcomm.

Samsung has yet to be given copies of those contracts, despite having demanded them, believing them to be essential.

All in all, Samsung and Apple are just fighting the standard pattern of complaint, followed by delaying action and then more complaints. If any products get banned, it will happen a long time from now.

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