Samsung's CES 2013 Teaser May Be About AMOLED Technology

The company chooses to be as vague as possible in its video

The month of December is proving remarkably sparse in new product announcements, but at least there are some hints about what will happen later on on the IT market.

One of them comes from Samsung, or rather the SamsungTomorrow YouTube account.

The video embedded below is a very, very short teaser saying that the corporation will release, or announce the eventual arrival, of something new. We’ve reported on it here.

Sadly, the company didn't even hint at what that new item would be, so it can be anything from a small phone to a large notebook of some sort.

We’ve said in our previous report that a new phone could show up, but maybe Samsung will launch an OLED or AMOLED display instead. All of these are possibilities.

Samsung might also deliver a new Galaxy Camera, since it is a fairly successful consumer product too.

An AMOLED screen is actually the only thing that qualifies as truly “new,” and even that is a stretch of the imagination.

New phones don't really have the surprise factor anymore, and there are more than enough strong tablets on the market to prevent a new model from causing an uproar.

We needn't mention the high likelihood of Apple suing Samsung over any new product releases in that department.

At this point, the number of people worried over new devices causing more patent wars probably equals the number of people excited over the prospect of a new slate design.

The 2013 edition of the Consumer Electronics Show will take place between January 8 and 11, in Las Vegas, Nevada, The United States of America.

Samsung will have to contend with many companies, especially AMD (who will demo the Temash APU), Westinghouse (a 110-inch 4K TV is coming from that direction) and NVIDIA, to name a few (Tegra 4 should at least make an appearance).

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