Samsung’s Android Wear Smartwatch Coming Later This Year Reuters

Samsung is actively working towards developing its smartwatch portfolio

The Samsung Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo smartwatches haven’t even been out long and the rumor mill has already come up with a possible successor that will arrive in the form of the Gear Solo.

However, there’s a lot more to come out of Samsung when wearables are concerned, in 2014. As you probably know by now, Google has recently announced its own dedicated wearable-centric OS, baptized Android Wear. And the official Android Wear partner list included Samsung, too.

So it’s not going to come as a shock when we tell you that Samsung Senior VP of product strategy, Hankil Yoon, claimed in a recent interview with Reuters that a new Android smartwatch coming out of the Korean giant would be here with us by the end of the year.

He doesn't provide any further specifications in terms of what the new smartwatch might bring to the tablet, but we’re pretty sure more info will become available pretty soon.

Samsung’s first attempt at building an Android intelligent time-piece was the Galaxy Gear. As we all know, the device didn't really take off and customers complained of insufficient battery life, lack of apps and unappealing design.

With its second try, Samsung dropped the Android operating system in favor of its own OS platform, Tizen.

Take into account that the Gear Fit health-centric wrist band is running on a custom-made software, so when the Android Wear smartwatch comes out, Samsung will be offering wearable devices supporting three different OS-es. Talk about diversity.

Not so long ago, we brought you news the two new Samsung smartwatches, the Gear Solo and the Gear Now have reportedly gotten trademarked by the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office).

The Gear Solo is a name that has showed up in the rumor mill before. Word on the street has is that Samsung is working on a third smartwatch model which will come bundled with 3G functionalities and will enable users to place phone calls from their wrist.

But the Gear Now remained a mystery, because the trademark did not give any indication as what kind of things the smartwatch might bring to the table. And in the wake of today’s latest information we might as well assume the Gear Now is going to be the watch running Android Wear.

Given the fact the first Android-running smartwatch was called Galaxy Gear, we can expect Samsung will preserve the “Gear” moniker, especially since a lot of customers associate the name with Sammy’s line of smartwatch devices.

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