Samsung i8910 HD Firmware Update Released

With kinetic scrolling, web enhancements

South Korean mobile-phone maker Samsung promised a while ago a new firmware update for users of a Samsung i8910 HD, and it seems that the company has finally decided to make the solution available for download. There are a nice range of improvements included in the new software solution for i8910 HD, all of which are available for users of the device via the PC Studio 7.

According to All About Symbian, the release notes of the new firmware solution for Samsung i8910 HD include the following:

- Kinetic scrolling in more parts of the interface (but not in the main Applications menu – behaviour here is unchanged and similar to that in Nokia's 5800, for example);

- The Next Gen (NG) version of Web: (faster, full-screen automatically);

- Camera and video recording settings improvements;

- Bug fixes throughout.

However, it seems that not all is as good as should be with the new firmware (JB1). Although it does come with a series of enhancements like kinetic scrolling, Web improvements and faster operation, the software solution is said to decrease the available flash memory on disk C: even more, as those who will install the update will only have 17MB free after the update/reset.

At the same time, we should also note that those interested in installing the firmware update on their Samsung i8910 HD mobile phone should back up all data on the device before proceeding. The handset does not come with User Data Preservation, as some Nokia devices do, and all personal files on it will be lost during the installation process.

One thing that is certain here is that Samsung is working on enhancing the user experience its device can offer to users, though there are still a lot of areas that need to be covered. The new firmware solution might not be all that users have hoped for, but there are chances that a future solution will be delivered to them. After all, Samsung did say that it was pushing out only the enhancements that were needed the most.

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