Samsung and B&N Team Up to Create Co-Branded Galaxy Tab 4 Tablets

B&N has managed to get Samsung onboard as a hardware partner

Barnes & Noble’s NOOK tablet division has been on the down-fall for the last couple of years, but the company doesn't seem to be discouraged by the bumps encountered so far.

It’s no novelty that Barnes & Noble has been considering next-gen Nook tablets for a while now, but for the time being the company seems to be concentrated on another endeavor, albeit being tablet related too.

B&N announced it has taken up a partnership with Samsung to create a co-branded Galaxy Tab 4 tablet that will arrive with custom NOOK software.

The slate will come boasting a 7-inch form factor and will go on sale in the US starting in August, selling alongside NOOK eReaders and tablets.

The Galaxy Tab 4 tablets are already produced by Samsung, but by partnering up with B&N, the Korean tech giant is also adding a new retail channel.

There’s no information about how these new tablets will be priced compared to the stand-alone Galaxy Tab 4 counterpart.

B&N is striving to rationalize its NOOK business and actually considered a possible sale to Microsoft. Earlier this year we also told you of rumors claiming B&N has fired some of the NOOK hardware stuff. Which turned out to be false. The NOOK legacy seems to continue to live on.

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