Samsung X828 - the Thinnest Mobile in the World

The phone measures only 6.9mm in thickness

The competition for the thinnest phone continues with Samsung's announcement of the new X828 model. Measuring only 6.9 mm in thickness, the handset claims the title of the thinnest mobile in the world, leaving behind Motorola, the company which started the whole thing with the RAZR and continued with the SLVR model, as well as VK Mobile with its 8.8mm phone.

In spite of being so small, the X828 manages to offer competitive features. The built-in camera has a 2.0 megapixel resolution, even more than many standard handsets. The TFT LCD screen is pretty small at 1.9 inches but it can display 262k colors and it can be used for watching multimedia content thanks to the built-in media player. The storage space is provided by 80 MB internal memory and for the connectivity part the phone includes Bluetooth support.

The price is yet unknown but Samsung will release only a CDMA version of the phone.

It remains to be seen for how long will the X828 keep its title with the fierce competition going on and the increasing demand for ultra-slim devices on the market.

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