Samsung Won't Risk Increasing Notebook Plans in 2013

The company won't enlist manufacturers for extra deliveries

As if to confirm the projection that notebook demand will be very weak next year (2013), Samsung has decided what to do in regard to its laptop business for the next 12 months.

The decision is still subject to change at a later date, but for now the company has chosen not to be too optimistic about its shipments.

According to Digitimes, the IT player will not increase its notebook orders with original device manufacturers.

Samsung does hope to ship 17 million notebooks in 2013, more than the 12 million of 2012, but it isn't willing to bet too much on it.

Then again, it is worth noting that the corporation also chose not to reduce the orders, unlike other notebook developers that have started taking back R&D and manufacturing rights from ODMs, in hopes of regaining control over product development.

Further developments on this side of the fence will help determine which way the wind blows on the notebook industry.

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