Samsung Will Reveal Galaxy Glass Eyewear in September, at IFA 2014

That is at least what a certain report recently said anyway

Google essentially started a new trend when it invented the Glass augmented reality headset, so pretty much everyone who's anyone on the mobile market wants to launch one. According to The Korea Time, that includes Samsung.

Well, technically speaking, there's been talk about a Google Glass-like Samsung device for a while. The Korea Times only solidified the rumors into something almost certain.

According to the publication, Samsung will release the Galaxy Glass this September, at IFA 2014.

The glasses will “provide information at a glance without turning the people using them into cyborgs.”

Interestingly, Samsung supposedly isn't interested in glasses at the moment, even though it has recently filed a patent for them.

Functionality will be similar to the Galaxy Gear, only in a different form factor. Smartphone users will be able to take notifications, see messages, take phone calls, take pictures, listen to music, etc.

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