Samsung Smart TVs Now Learn What You Like

TV Discovery technology will suggest potentially interesting programs

When we write about Smart TVs, we usually end up listing the technical specifications, some of which might not ring any bells to people. Samsung has provided us with something more interesting though.

The company has come up with a technology that will make Smart TVs even smarter than they actually are: TV Discovery.

One might even argue that Smart TVs aren't really all that smart to begin with, despite their assets in comparison with normal TVs.

True, they have PC-like capabilities and operating systems, but it is ultimately the owner that has to give the commands.

TV Discovery will actually provide Samsung Smart TVs with a measure of autonomy, and even initiative.

For a while after purchasing a Samsung Smart TV, the technology will simply record what kind of shows and channels are being followed regularly.

After some time, TV Discovery will start suggesting content, and prioritize search results according to recorded preferences.

The more the service is used, the better suggestions it will be able to make in the future.

Furthermore, Samsung is including a social component, through which buyers will be allowed to share news of what they are watching with their friends. Not only that, but a tablet will be usable as a remote control.

It is interesting to note that Samsung won't install TV Discover on just Smart TVs. Its satellite boxes, Blu-Ray players, home stereos and other entertainment devices will get it, which means the tablet remote function will work on them as well.

Discovery will hit all 2013 products in South Korea, the US, France, Italy, the UK, Germany and 8 more European Countries.

"TV Discovery lets you search and watch content from across our provider partners, whether within your preferred subscriptions or on-demand," said Dr. Won-Pyo Hong, president and head of media solution center.

"The service also features personalized recommendation technology that enables consumers to "teach" the service their own personal preferences. The more you engage with the service, the more relevant the returned recommendations for TV, movies and other on-demand entertainment. It could not be simpler."

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