Samsung Revenue Sets Record, 33% Better Profit than the Previous Year

The company is really reaping the benefits of the smartphone craze

You'd think that Samsung, an acclaimed maker of platforms for mobile devices and mobile devices themselves, would have those to thank for record financial results, but that's not the case.

Instead, the company appears to owe most of its success in 2013 to its memory business.

Smartphones and tablets have been growing in sales, but the mobile/tablet CPU front has Qualcomm, Nvidia, and Apple, among others, for Samsung to fight with.

Memory chips, however, are something that Samsung has a far better grip on, and, as ironic as it is, the fire at SK Hynix last month only made its prospects better.

Samsung can't really post results for 2013 so much time prior to December. In fact, the actual report won't come until January or February 2013.

It can post a guidance though, an estimate as it were. And, according to those, the operating profit will be of 38.5 trillion won, or about $35.8/€26.41 billion for the year.

For the third quarter alone, operating profit will be of 10.1 trillion won ($9.39/€6.93 billion).

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