Samsung Readies All-New Breed of Smart TV for CES 2013

The company was remarkably vague about the whole thing

One would think that with CES 2013 so near, Samsung would be more than eager to gush about its product exhibition. As it turns out, the company is not exactly doing anything of the sort.

Granted, the company is not making a secret of its excitement for the trade show that will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada, between January 8 and 11.

What the company is keeping under wraps, however, is the actual nature of some of those products, particularly the new type of TV.

Don't be fooled by the photo up on the left. It only shows the Smart Hub app that Samsung smart TVs can use.

The new type of smart TV that Samsung will show at CES is still a mystery, despite the existence of the teaser video embedded below.

Indeed, despite the teaser being about the new TV, it only shows TVs coming out of their homes and malls, or leaving on a trip.

The closest thing to a “revelation” is the tagline “Discover more of the TV you love” and the depiction of a TV with numerous TV channel preview pages.

"A true innovation of TV design is coming up with an unprecedented new TV shape and timeless gallery design," a statement by Samsung reads.

"As Samsung prepares to unveil a new TV at CES that is unlike anything the world has ever seen, all the other TVs are rushing to see the new TV."

Given recent developments, we assume that the new display will, at the very least, have a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels.

The existence of multiple types of inputs is essentially assured as well (HDMI, DVI, D-Sub, possibly even DisplayPort).

Samsung may very well release the Smart Hub television broadcast program along with the new TV set itself.


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