Samsung Readies 55-Inch and 65-Inch UHD TVs for August Release

They will be up for pre-order sooner though, on July 21

Ultra high-definition television sets are picking up speed, or at least getting advertised like there's no tomorrow.

Samsung is at the forefront of this so-called phenomenon, having already released the 85-inch S9 TV.

That's not the only huge TV, but I'm not here to talk about what's already up for sale.

Samsung has decided to release another pair of such TVs, though not right away.

Instead, it will start selling them in August, after a pre-order period that will start on July 21, 2013.

The displays will measure 55 inches and 65 inches in diagonal, respectively, and support Evolution Kit for future software upgrades, plus SD/HD content upscaling to UHD quality.

2-way 2.2 channels of 70-watt sound are built into the TVs as well.

The prices will be of $5,499.99 / €4,187 – 5,499.99 for the 55-inch model and $7,499.99 / €5,710 – 7,499 for the 65-inch F9000 UHD TVs.

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