Samsung Project J Includes an Android Smartwatch

It will ship with an arm band, bike mount and pouch, rumor has it

Reports have been coming in about Samsung and some new gadget it will supposedly release, under the name of Project J.

The folks at SamMobile now say that Project J might not be one product, but three, one of which is a smartwatch-style device with a pouch, bike mount and arm band.

The watch would be called Fortius and the others will be supplementary items for when people go hiking, cycling, jogging, etc.

No clues were given as to what hardware and software would be used, although Android is almost a given.

Samsung could actually choose to use one of its infamous flexible OLED panels, which would clearly set it apart from the concept watch above (a design dating back to 2009).

Then again, OLED is expensive, so Samsung might choose to go with e-paper instead, like the Pebble.

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