Samsung Prepping Circular Gear Smartwatch, Phone Capable Gear Headed for IFA 2014 – Report

A new report confirms both smartwatches are in the pipeline

A frenzy has taken over smartwatch manufacturers. After Motorola announced its intention of rolling out a smartwatch with a round screen, everything went k-boom.

People loved the idea of a traditional looking time-piece that also comes with intelligent features, so when the Moto 360 comes out, companies like Samsung and LG fear customers won’t bother to take a second look at the drab rectangular smartwatches they are offering.

So they have set out to provide folks with alternatives. As SamMobile reports, they have received confirmation that the Korean tech giant is working on a new smartwatch with circular design to rival the Moto 360.

Big surprise, after all we have seen Sammy fill some patents related to such products in the past, so it was all immanent.

What’s more, we also get word of the Gear 3, which we talked about this weekend. We asked ourselves whether this smartwatch was one and the same with the Gear Solo, expected to bring about phone calling capabilities to the user’s wrist. Now, it appears the answer is yes.

According to sources familiar with the matter, the SIM-enabled smartwatch will be launched alongside the Galaxy Note 4 and Gear VR, virtual reality headset in a few days in an event preceding the kick start of IFA 2014 in Berlin.

For those who are late making it to the party, a few days ago it was revealed that the Gear 3 would arrive with a Super AMOLED display which should deliver “impressive brightness and color saturation.”

The device was said to be taking advantage of a curved display, something unlike what we have seen on the Gear Fit bracelet.

On top of that, there will be no camera on the watch, so if you fancied using the snapper, the Gear 3 won’t be to your liking.

Moving along to the curved smartwatch, the sources couldn't say when this device will be making its way onto the market.

The Moto 360 is expected to go on sale next month, and at the same time LG is gearing up to roll out a round smartwatch at IFA 2014. We already saw a teaser for the device a few days ago.

Even so, it’s highly likely Samsung will take a few more months before launching the Moto 360 competitor.

Another unknown part of the equation is whether the curved Sammy watch will run Android Wear or the company’s own Tizen platform. We are placing our bet on the latter.

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