Samsung Preparing 110-Inch 4K UHDTV for CES 2013

Westinghouse will have a foil for its display right off the bat

Some may have been worried that the extensive coverage of 3D TVs and monitors during 2012 would leave display developers with little to show off in 2013, but Samsung is already proving that idea wrong.

There is a new asset that display developers are gushing over at the moment, even though it will take years for it to become common.

We are talking about the Ultra High-Definition resolution, or 4K: 3840 x 2160 pixels.

Several TVs featuring support for this image quality have appeared, with diagonals of 60 inches or above.

In fact, IT players are taking advantage of the latest resolution standard to promote display sizes that are larger than ever, and which won't fit in most homes.

Earlier this month (December 2012), Westinghouse was discovered to be working on a 110-inch UHDTV.

The product is set to be demonstrated at the 2013 edition of the Consumer Electronics Show, this January.

Now, word is that Samsung is preparing a similar product, a 110-inch UHDTV. There isn't much video content in that quality, but the company will surely have some looping videos on.

Samsung will exhibit the product alongside an 85-inch UHDTV and a bunch of OLED TVs, plus the regular range of 1080p LCD Full HDTVs.

There should be at least several other high-end screens at the site in Las Vegas, Nevada. Sharp, for one, has put together a 60-inch 4K LCD, Vizio has some 60-inch panels on the move too, etc.

Large-size TVs and monitors are just a small part of CES though. Storage devices (480 GB mSATA Mushkin SSDs), high-end wireless networking devices, laptops, tablets, all these things will make an appearance. Samsung itself will show off other technologies and products, like AMOLED (flexible AMOLED even).

Phones, tablets (to a lesser extent) and mobile gadgets are the only ones that will have a minimal presence. Product makers are holding off for Mobile World Congress, in February (MWC 2013).

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