Samsung Prepares High-End Tablet with 10.1 or 11.6-Inch AMOLED Display

It will succeed the Galaxy Tab 7.7, or so rumors would have us believe

Two years ago, Samsung released the Galaxy Tab 7.7, a tablet featuring a Super AMOLED Plus display that earned it the moniker of “best tablet on the market” from many buyers.

Obviously, opinions are divided on that, but the fact that a group of people gave such a description is enough to ensure that no one doubts the worth of the AMOLED panel.

It is also enough to justify the making of a larger AMOLED tablet, especially now that so much time has passed since the launch of the first one.

According to SamMobile website, a premium tablet measuring either 10.1 inches or 11.6 inches in diagonal will be made.

It will directly compete with the likes of Apple iPad and Sony Xperia Tablet Z. We might even be looking at multiple tablets actually.

That is to say the source of the rumor, an alleged Samsung insider, has said that the company has prototypes with different screen sizes.

Nevertheless, the probability is higher for a single model to be launched. The logistics of having two expensive tablets very close in size would be a pain, and it would be difficult to make the price difference large enough to justify their simultaneous existence.

AMOLED is short for Active-Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode. OLED is a specific type of thin-film display technology (the electroluminescent material is made of organic compounds) and active matrix is the technology behind the addressing of pixels.

They have higher refresh rates than normal OLED and use much less energy, essential in mobile electronics that need longer battery lives.

There was no word on when the Galaxy Tab with Super AMOLED will arrive. We do know that the Galaxy Tab 3 will be launched during IFA 2013 in Berlin, Germany, this fall. Samsung may or may not release the AMOLED one at the same time.

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