Samsung One, a Pen-Sized Concept Phone with Flexible Display

With a 6-inch screen that easily bends inside its pen form factor

Today’s high-end smartphones are getting bigger and bigger. They pack larger screens, increasingly powerful application processors, along with more internal memory, and all of these come with a caveat: increased phone sizes.

This might not be a problem for enthusiasts, that’s for sure, but it becomes a deal breaker for those users looking for a smaller form factor with similar capabilities inside.

Designer Yejin Jeon seems to have found a solution for all these. The Samsung One concept phone that Yejin Jeon has published on Yanko Design features a much smaller form factor, while keeping the high-end capabilities of today’s smartphones.

In fact, Samsung One is so small that it could easily be mistaken for a pen. It is not larger than a pen, nor is it much heavier either. However, it is certainly lighter than a smartphone.

This concept phone sports a flexible display that will easily hide inside the pen-shaped device, and would heavily rely on cloud computing.

The 6-inch bendable screen should prove great for all kinds of operations, though users would not have to pull it out at all times.

The phone also sports a smaller touchscreen display on one side to provide info on missed calls, unread messages, signal strength, battery life and the like.

The concept phone sports a microUSB port as well, placed at one end, along with a microphone, speaker, camera, WiFi and the like.

The lock screen suggests that Samsung One runs Android, though another mobile operating system could also be loaded on such a device, that’s for sure.

Basically, it would be a fully functional handset, though we’re left wondering whether the phone’s processor and battery would indeed fit inside this small form factor.

Overall, this concept device, nothing like we’ve ever seen before, is more than cool. Hopefully, the mobile technology will advance to the point where such a smartphone will be launched on the global market.


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